• Kettlebell Training Academy
  • Kettlebell Training Academy
  • Kettlebell Training Academy
  • Kettlebell Training Academy

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  • Kettlebell Training Academy

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Welcome to the Kettlebell Training Academy

The Kettlebell Training Academy was founded in 2005 on the inspiration of spreading the joy and effectiveness of kettlebell training to millions of people around the world.

This dedicated network for those that are interested in kettlebell training. Within these walls you will find a network of people using kettlebell training principles to create amazing fitness results, achieve outstanding personal performance and transform lives.

Our members are a diverse population.

From novice lifters, everyday people simply looking for fun and an effective way to stay fit forever or get a specific fitness goal to forever young fitness enthusiast crowd.

Since we are also a professional education service many of our members are certified fitness professionals, personal trainers or kettlebell sport athletes with lots of training experience and ideas to share.

Here you will find both professional and aspiring kettlebell enthusiast that you can connect with who will help you learn proper form, polish your technique and share drills, guidance and kettlebell workouts that will provide pricesless growth!

We have the worlds top experts on providing videos as well as interactive sessions on kettlebell workouts that will give you a perspective that is not provided anywhere else.


We have a team of kettlebell master trainers that will assist you in turning kettlebell training into a revenue stream. We host workshops, kettlebell training camps, master classes and professional certifications all over the world.

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